Hi! My name is Brandy Carson, NP. It is rewarding to see my patients reach their weight loss goals and obtain a healthy lifestyle. Shown below is a list of the services/products I provide at my office.



Phentermine 37.5 mg tablet: Phentermine is an appetite suppressant and stimulant. Phentermine is used together with diet and exercise to treat obesity (overweight). Some health conditions may inhibit an individual from taking this medication. Side effects will be discussed your first visit.    $55 for visit and phentermine in WH; $65 in Portland


Topamax 25 mg tablet: Topamax is used in conjunction with phentermine to help with your weight loss needs.  Side effects will be discussed your first visit.    $20 dollars for visit and Topamax!!


Vitamin B12 Injection: Need an energy boost or have low B12 levels? Try a Vitamin B12 injection!     $10 per injection!!


Lipo-Den Extreme Injection: This shot is a fat burner. Includes two amino acids, Vitamin B 12, B 5 and B 6, chromium, and l-carnitine. Also try the fat burner tablets!     Only $20 per injection; $30 for tabs!!


Diucaps: All natural and mimics Phentermine. In addition to reducing appetite, it may help with regulating mood, curb cravings and head hunger, control binge and night time eating, and enhance mental focus. Taken 3 times per day.      $40 for 90 capsules!!


Protrim Caps: Natural appetite control. Taken 30 min before meals to help you eat less. It may also help with providing a feeling of fullness, reduce cravings for sugar and carbs, and increase metabolism.  

 $35 for 90 capsules!!


Mesoderm Cream: All natural. This topical cream is designed to help dissolve fat, soothe skin and improve skin texture. It can help treat cellulite, decreases wrinkles, improves skin tone, tightens and firms skin, and complete body contouring.    Only $65!!

 L-Arginine Magnesium Cream: All natural. This topical cream helps to increase circulation where applied. It can be used for a number of issues. It can help restless leg syndrome, stimulate hair follicles to stimulate hair growth, erectile dysfunction (sexual function), sore muscles after workouts, etc.  8 oz. bottle for only 40 dollars!

Carb and Sugar Blocker: All natural. This supplement helps with abolishing taste of sugar, blocking carb absorption, promoting glucose metabolism, reducing risk of carbs turning into fat, significantly reducing calorie intake causing weight gain, and decreasing sweet and carb cravings. 45 dollars per bottle!

** I now have pharmacy grade vitamins geared towards weight loss. Try Brandy's Stress-28 Weight Loss Vitamins for only 10 dollars a month!!


Please note: Belviq and Contrave prescriptions can be written to eligible candidates!   $30 dollars for office visit!!